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adult url shortner link sharing ad networks review

Best and top Link sharing display ads Review

If you have not read already then here is the link to a great article about how to make a decent passive income with little effort: How to Make $3500 per month from adult tube websites. Today i will tell you about Best and top Link sharing/ URL shortener display ads Review

As i have mentioned in many make money online methods here on the website, that link sharing ads, if used correctly can help you earn some good dollars. Although personally i prefer affiliate marketing, which make up majority of my income.

What are link sharing ads?

Link sharing ads, are basically used with a URL shortner. After you create and account with the link sharing Ad network, you can shorten your URL and when the user clicks on this new link, he/she is taken to to an AD page before going to the actual page location. This way you get paid according to the number of click on the generated link

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What are the best and top Link sharing display ads network?

linkbucks adult link sharing url shortner


A URL-shrinking ad network. You can use intermission and content-locker ads. LinkBucks is one of the few link-shortening services that supports adult content. Just make sure to specify it’s adult in nature when creating the link, or it could result in a ban!

Linkbucks has a low minimum payout of $10.


reducelinks adult link sharing url shortner

ReduceLnk: is a URL-shortening adverting network that allows for adult content. It’s also one of the few networks that still supports a banner ad instead of only intermission. This appears less spammy and the content the viewer wants is displayed instantly. RudeLnk also supports intermission and has an entry-script that displays the ads when traffic enters the site.


pornearn adult link sharing url shortner

PornEarn: is the newest URL-shortening network on the block and is only for adult / NSFW content. They offer two ad types; interstitials or header banner-ad. They’ve also got a script that can be added to a website to automatically transform all the links into PornEarn links!


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