Creating Call to Actions - Adult Media Buying

Creating Call to Actions – Adult Media Buying

Let’s talk about Creating Call to Actions – Adult Media Buying. Call to actions (CTA) are one of the most important parameter in any adult ad banner. If you are serious about making money online, then making the right CTA will have an enormous impact on your money making potential. To achieve the right amount of conversions, make sure to focus your attention on your call to action
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Let’s say that you have the highly targeted, high quality adult traffic to the offer you are promoting, but you end up making $0. This is a very common theme with newbies, when they get attracted towards the potential of making money using adult media buying. Newbies and newcomers in this field are attracted towards this method of making money like a bear for the honey. But only few newbies end up making money because they first clear their basic and have a solid understanding of what works best

Call to actions or CTAs are usually ignored by many and hence they end up losing money. But our goal at makemoneyadultcontent is to help you become the best, not ordinary but the best. My goal has always been to give the advice that has helped me make money, so that you can replicate it and hence create a decent passive income source. I have been writing all these additional helpful articles in adult affiliate marketing industry because if you don’t get your basic knowledge strong, then even if you replicate my methods still you wont see any positive results

I have compiled a list of tips, tricks and methods that can help you create a highly effective and converting Call to action CTA for your adult ad banners for your adult media buying. Creating Call to Actions look difficult at first, but with a little bit of practice, very soon you will be making money


Being honest, clear and specific

This is by far the biggest mistake people do. Even I did it when I started investing my money and time into this method. You need to be honest in your ad banners. If you want the visitor to go towards a specific link, then make sure there is a button saying “Click here”. You don’t need to be comprehensive, just few words should be able to project the message you want to convey.

TIP: If you think that you are extra smart and using black hat ways you can drive the visitors to the offer and hope them to sign-up then forget about making even a single dollar. Honestly is the key to success in the long run

Also one important thing to keep in mind is that, the banner should like a snippet or trailer of what the visitor can expect on the other end once he/she clicks on it. If you show the trailer of Superman vs batman and the landing page shows a cartoon network movie, then obviously a very small percentage of people will convert. So make sure you follow a single theme.


Putting the money making high converting banners to the premium spot of the website

If your banners are in the footer of a website, then not many people will ever see them. Your impressions will be very high but the clicks will be extremely low. This is because majority of the people will never scroll to the bottom of the website. So place your high converting banners above the fold of the website.


A/B testing the text you use

This part takes time to master. A/B testing will help you (A/B testing adult ads – media buying). Even a small change like from “click here” to “click now” can have a drastic effect on the click through rate (CTR). Online adult affiliate marketing is all about testing, so test, test and test more. This part is very elaborate to explain and only with practice you will understand what works. I will soon be writing an article with statistics about what text banners works the best for the experts and for myself

Persuasion is the key. Your CTA must be able to persuade the visitor to click. This will only happen if your CTA can hit the pain point of the visitor.


Placement and size of CTA

Your call to action must be big enough to catch the eye and grab the attention. Don’t mix it withe other confusing things, it should be clearly visible


One thing i will stress again and again is that your CTA is extremely important. It can have a direct impact on your conversion rates. So spend some time on it and make sure your testing results in the highest converting adult ad banner for your adult media buying

I hope you like this article on Creating Call to Actions – Adult Media Buying

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