Top Hottest 20 Retired Porn Stars (2020)

What will you do if you ever come across a retired porn star?

You will certainly not look to touch her feet, but you will be tempted to visualize her beauty when she would be in her prime.

One thing you will see that the hotness of the retired porn stars is not outdated.

Most of them have left the profession to transform their lives, or maybe they have accumulated enough wealth or maybe even married to some millionaire? 

Who knows, but one thing is for sure that these damsels are still as horny as they have been in their teens which reflects in the way they have taken care of their personality and figure.

 Here’s the list of top 20 retired porn stars who have managed to keep their spirits alive and kicking!
mia khalifa

Top 20 Retired Pornstars (2020)

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Sasha Grey is a ravishing model, and an American actress who featured in some of the porn flicks in the later part of her career.

She started as a TV actress and was soon popular due to her appearance in several of the mainstream movies and shows.

However, strangely after that, she decided to explore the porn world and became a pornographic actress after that.

This actor cum model cum pornographic actress has still maintained her figure in a superb way and still can be used to train your sexual urges.

Sasha has also received numerous awards and recognition for some of her pornographic works.

 She performed passionately in pornography between the year 2007 to 2010 and is still remembered for a lot of works during that stint.
sasha grey
  • Stats: Tits: 34 inches, Waist:26 inches
  • Awards: Oral Starlet (2010)
  • Twitter:
  •  Other Services: Cam posing, phone sex, modeling, striptease, musician, porn flicks 

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Born in August 1985, Ashlynn Brooke is a woman who has been a part of different fields in various periods of her life.

She has been a model, a cheerleader has been a dancer and much more.

Moreover, her career as a cheerleader lasted till 9 years during which she has been an inspiration for many aspiring girls and teenagers who wanted to be a part of some cheerleading group.

Her body is fine till today, and she can still be an eye candy because of her ravishing looks and figure.

She started her porn career in the year 2006 but before that she was also was an employee of a car dealership firm.

With so many diverse job roles you can just imagine her impact in different segments and sections of life.

During her career as a porn star, she has featured in many porn flicks.

 She admitted that she is a bisexual which earned her numerous female fans as well.
ashlynn brooke

Born in 1982, this retired porn actress has also been a part of different industries and job roles at various points in her career.

She has received numerous accolades during her acting stint in the adult industry.  

Jenna has been a director of American movies and was also an active model in the fashion circles.

Her buxom and shapely assets got her into the porn industry as well where she tried to be as convincing as possible.

Young studs and teenagers still watch her adult movies and flicks and enjoy thoroughly.

Such has been her impact on the porn industry that we will always remember her for her naughty scenes and wild poses.

In the year 2012, she has also been inducted into the hall of fame of two recognized franchises XRCO and AVN.

jenna haze

A stunning bombshell of Punjabi origin, Sunny Leone ruled the porn industry for more than a decade.

Her stunning figure, pretty face and willingness to go beyond the limits of every scene made her a heartthrob of millions of fans.

Her porn career started in the year 2001 and ended in 2013.

Now she can be seen acting in Bollywood films in which to she has amassed considerable success in a short time. 

 She starred in both straight and lesbian porn movies and is much remembered for her hot scenes with fellow porn stars. 

She also has appeared in several hit TV serials, reality shows and live shows in India which has earned a huge number of fans in this country as well.

She has over 1.5 million fans on Twitter which makes her one of the most followed porn stars ever on this planet.

We might not see her in the porn movies anymore, but she will please her all with her appearances and steamy scenes in movies and TV shows.

sunny leone

A sexy girl with a flawless body and radiating looks entered the porn industry in the year 2006, and Bree Olson soon made her impact on the minds of porn lovers.

Her blonde hair and smooth skin along with her cute face made her extremely popular among the people of all the ages.​

She was equally admired by both her male and female followers, and she left the porn industry in the year 2013.

She has not been much active after she left the porn industry apart from a few appearances in some of the movies.

However, she still has a huge following on the social networks like Twitter.

Her oozing sex appeal and stunning porn scenes can still be viewed on the internet.

bree olson

There would be hardly any porn lover in this world who might not have seen Lisa Ann.

We all have loved this Milf in the wide genre of porn movies she has been a part of over the years.

Her porn career lasted for almost 2 decades in which she won all our hearts with her steamy and raunchy sex scenes.

Her huge body frame and shapely assets along with her gorgeous face made her one of the most beautiful women to ever step in the porn industry.

She left acting in porn movies in the year 2014 and left millions of her fans in utter grief and shock.

She is still being missed by her admirers, and she too has not been much active after leaving the porn industry.

We will miss her dominating sex videos, threesomes, anal sex and much more but we can always get to see her in action in the huge collection of porn she has left for all of us.

lisa ann

One of the most popular porn stars to ever hit the porn industry is Jenna Jameson.

Her stunning personality and the ferocious body have been the first preference of millions of porn lovers across the world.

Her perfect, lean body, shapely tits, and curvy hips make her visually aesthetic, and her enticing features make her look more stunning than many of the porn stars.

She started her stint in porn movies in the year 1993 and left working in 2008.

This means that she has more than 15 years of experience which consists of several heart melting and eye-pleasing scenes.

She had married to Tito Ortiz an UFC fighter, but the marriage did not last too long.

With nearly 7 lacks of followers on Twitter, she still rules the minds and hearts of her male and female admirers.

jenna jameson

Her beautiful deep black eyes, athletic body, and stunning figure made her one of the most charming porn stars to have ever stepped in the porn industry.

Her deep brown hair and huge breasts with small yet tight buttocks made her a favorite of many, and she still is one of the most loved porn stars in the industry.  

However, sadly enough she has stopped working now but still rules the hearts of almost 2.5 lacks of followers on Twitter.  

We will miss this lean and stunning beauty and would keep her porn DVD’s with us to explore her glorious body whenever we miss her.

tera patrick

#9. Siri

Oh, what a beauty she is! Her pure white skin tone and almost chubby figure made her one of the most eye-pleasing porn stars ever.

Her beautiful and smart face did the trick when she naughtily ate monsters twirling her tongue over those huge pieces of hot meat.

Her huge tits and swollen clitoris always did the trick, and we would impatiently wait for her next move.

Her curvy body is almost chubby, and we all love her more for that.  

She has just retired from the porn industry, but we still hope that she may come back soon because she is very much still in great form and shape and we would miss her all the more if she does not return to please us all.


Who can forget this milky bombshell with a huge pair of swinging breasts that made us jump over the edge so many times?

Her glistening skin, pink lips, and charming face made us impatient whereas her deep dark eyes and thick, black and long hair made her all the more seductive.

We wanted so many times to enter a shower or bathtub with her, but sadly enough she does not anymore act in porn movies.

 She retired way back in 2010, but you can find her either anchoring club events or in dance shows where she still flaunts her awesome looks.

She is also fond of flaunting herself on web cameras and can be seen quite a few times doing that.

We will for sure miss you Giannaaaaaa!!

gianna michaels

A bubbly figure and smiling face with huge assets on the front and back make Abella Anderson one of the hottest properties of porn.

However, her porn career ended very soon much to the dismay of her male and female fans.

She started acting in porn in 2010 and left the industry in 2012.

She still has more than 5 lacks of Twitter followers who keep in touch with her latest updates and pictures.

We hope that she returns to the porn industry very soon and swipe us all over again with her lusty figure and sexy looks.

Her big boobs and small twat still haunts her to date, and we all would definitely love to see her in action again.

abella anderson

Whoever has seen her in porn films will never forget her naughty smile and sexy lens, well maybe it was the eye lenses but that still suited her to perfection.

She had started acting in porn flicks when she was barely a teen but soon stopped working in them.

Her porn career happened from 2010 to 2013, and she is still remembered for her sex appeal and sensual blow jobs that would turn on the heat in our pants as well.

Strangely enough, after the end of her porn career, she started working as a real estate agent.

She is also a professional makeup artist and still boasts over 3 lacks of Twitter followers.

lexi brooks

With over 500 porn movies to her name and an obnoxiously hot body are the things with which this ravishing beauty left the porn industry in 2006.

She had started her career in 1993 and soon set the stage on fire with her smoking hot body and seductive moves that instilled passion and urge for sex in many of us back then.

However, she aged perfectly and today she looks hotter than ever.

Today she shoots as a model and has many broadcasts to impress the viewers.

 We still miss her raunchy moves on the bed where she would seduce herself in the sexiest way, and we hoped to make it till she climaxes!
jill kelly

Shyla Stylez has a smoking hot and steamy body, and she used it perfectly in her career as a porn star.

Her passionate and steamy sex scenes had the power to turn anyone on, and we still are unable to get over them.  

Her tiny body frame did not stop her from being one of thehottest porn stars ever as she had the best ass and huge tits to her credit.

Her juicy boobs can still make anyone crazy for her, but anyways we haven’t got to check them once she retired from the porn industry.

However, she has more than 450 porn videos, and movies to her credit and her long porn career lasted for almost 15 years from 2001 to 2016.

 She has been inducted in the AVN Hall of Fame, and we all know how much she deserves this.
shyla stylez

#15. Houston

Houston has been a legendary figure in the world of porn, and her sexual prowess has been talk of the town innumerable times during her porn career.

She holds a record of having sex with over 620 men at a time and that too without stopping!

Can you believe it? It is truly an incredible feat, and she also has more than 75 porn films to her name.

She did appear in one scene which she enacted for Brazzers in 2012, but we haven’t seen much of her yet after that.

However, you can witness her glory in the cam shows she features herself in quite frequently for her fans.

We will miss her gang bang movies and hope that she gives one more show for her audience to relish!


#16. Gina Lynn

Few porn stars are as naturally gifted as Gina Lynn is!

To prove this fact you can look at the list of all those celebrities who loved her body and had a crush on her huge boobs.

She can be considered as one of the hottest porn stars to have even entered the industry, and she surely is one heck of an entertainer.

 With her seductiveness and feminine charm, she did manage to impress millions of viewers around the world, and her career lasted for almost 13 glorious years where we witnessed each and every aspect of her oozing beauty.

She does feature in live cams for her fans, and that can be considered her way to keep in touch with her fans.

gina lynn

Who can ever forget Mia Khalifa and her short but awesome porn career?

This seductress is one which has been ruling the porn world even after making an exit.

Isn’t it an incredible thing to do?

Not so much because when you have the figure, face and oozing sex appeal like this girl has then you are meant to be legendary especially when you are in porn.

She sadly left the porn industry after which she even received threats for wearing a hijab in the porn movies.

We miss her though and want her to return to the porn industry and hope this time she remains active for a longer period because we are so addicted to her body and seductive ways.

mia khalifa

#18. Jynx Maze

Have you ever witnessed a sexy and curvy lady romancing herself with water and soap?

Sure you must have seen many such videos, but no one does it better than Jynx Maze.

Her breasts are so huge that many people considered them to be implanted during her porn stint.

However, they were completely natural, and her buxom figure could easily have helped many men to satiate their sexual fantasies with a happy ending.

She stopped working in the porn industry from 2014 but has numerous porn movies to her credit.

jynx maze

Unlike many porn stars who entered the industry because of the poor financial condition, Asia Carrera started her porn career out of pure passion for working in the adult industry.

She is one of the hottest porn entertainers of all times and had more than 400 adult movies on her name before she retired in the year 2003.

Her porn stint started in the year 1993 which means that she had a full-fledged career of almost a decade in the porn industry.  

Today she is a proud mom who is busy raising and taking care of two children.

What a way to end a glorious career in the adult industry isn’t it?

asia carrera

Tiffany Million began her career in wrestling, and soon she started acting in porn flicks in which she received an instant admiration from both her male and female fans.

She has more than 30 adult films on her name and left the porn industry to become a bounty hunter.

Today, she also takes care of two of her children and is happy in her married life.

However, she still uses the online world and a website to keep in touch with her admirers and also keeps them updated about the latest advances of her life.

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