Couples Cam – Make $10,000/Month as Webcam Couples (2019)

If you and your partner are thinking of becoming  webcam couples then this step-by-step guide on making money doing couples cam will help you.

Couples webcam are loved by all and hence making money is as easy as it gets.

couples cam

Camming couples are in huge demand (much more than hot camgirls and webcam models).

 I also wrote an article on the same regarding how much camgirls make and the results were shocking. Webcam couples are making much more than a camgirl .

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There is a huge demand for webcam couple cam show and these cam couples can easily exploit this opportunity.

Webcam Couples are making insane amount of money camming as well as selling the content on various other sites. They make 3-5x times the money that a camgirl makes.

So if you are a couple who are ready to have sex in front of  a camera then you should sign up on all the below listed websites.

This is a human psychological thing i guess. Watching a live webcam couples having live sex just gets us going.

Couples Camming: How much money can we earn as webcam couples?

If someone is giving you a number then he/she is an idiot. The money you make depends on so many factors like:

  • Number of hours you put in : The more you do it the more money you will make
  • Number of camming sites you perform on: The more camming sites you perform on the more money you make. So make sure you sign up on the top 5 camming sites for couples recommended below
  • Number of ways you make money: You can supplement you income by selling videos, custom content request, phone sex, sexting, selling nudes and much more. On how to do all this, we have share the step by step guide for each one of this way later in the article. 

Couples on webcam are very popular and are also making amazing money.

If you go on any camming site, you will see that the couples are hugely popular. Couples cam shows are loved by many and also the tips s much more generous then a normal single girl camming.

Also the competition is less because solo camming is easier but finding a partner to do it with you is very difficult and hence if you are a willing couple you will make easy cash online.

Couples Cam - Best Couples webcam sites 

The recommended sites above are the best webcam sites to make money.

Couples on cam are in huge demand and you must start your journey as a couple webcam right now.

In this article i will clear all your doubts regarding couples camming.

If you are searching for how to become cam couple then i will highly recommend you to sign up on the recommended sites above.

Webcam couple sex - How can we make money?​

Here are various other ways you can make money as couples on cam. Make sure you use each of these methods to supplement your income.

  • Camming: Sign up on all the websites listed above and check for yourself which network makes you the most money
  • Sell nudes: Check our comprehensive step by step article on how to sell nudes and how to make money through it. Selling nudes is the easiest way to make money as a webcam couple.
  • Phone Sex: Yes can become a phone sex operator (both individual and as a couple) and make money without even having actual sex or getting naked.
  • Sell Homemade porn/videos/pictures and more: Make sure you check our article on how and where to sell your homemade porn, sex videos, sex tapes, picture sets, and other media online.
  • Skype Shows: One on one skype shows are another great way to make money as a camming couple. Check out our article on the same and find the best skype networks and how to find clients.
  • ModelCentro: Make money by starting your own membership fanclub. Modelcentro is the most popular platform to create a fanclub. Its a monthly membership system , where you fans pay a monthly fees for exclusive access to all your content for that month.
  • Affiliate marketing: This is another great way that camgirls and adult performers make money.By referring new customers to your network or other network using affiliate links you make even more money (percentage of what he spends on that network).
  • Doing fetish shows: Especially the dominatrix role is highly popular. Also you will be surprised to find thousands of rich people (called pay pigs) willing to give you money if you become a findomme

Creating individual accounts for couples

Well this varies from network to network. 

You can add your individual content on all these networks even if you register as a couple.

But creating multiple accounts under same name is something that you will have to check with the network. You can either email them or even check their TOS.

Where can i get inspiration for couples sex cams

You can head over to Chaturbate and Bongacams right now and click on the couples tab. There you will see the competition difference betweek being a solo camgirl and being a couple.

The competition is much much less and hence better opportunity for you to make money.

webcam couples
couples cams

Get paid from webcam? 

To make money online webcam you need to get started with a camming network like chaturbate

If you are also searching for how much do cam couples make, then i hope this article was of help.

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Worry not, i know you are searching for cam couples income, but most of the strategies in the guide above also works for cam couples

Earn money on Cam?

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How to 10X your income

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